Beside being a Business and Real Estate Tycoon, Hugh Hilton is also one of the most spiritual person I ever met, And we share a common interest for The Universe, Law of attraction, past lives regressions and other quantum theories. 

My best take out from Hugh: The more i have fun, the more I make money.



Learn from the Lethal weapon how to become a Oral Weapon. Having been a huge fan of Mel Gibson and see all his movies, you can see on my smile that I was very excited about this exchange. 

Long story short Mel Gibson intervention was schedule after my intervention, and I was so excited it might have affected my concentration



La Classe! Michael Douglas comes from a huge dinasty of golden age actors and knew how to re invent himself through the decades. He is also a cancer survivor and a very inspirational communicator ( specially with the feminine gent:)



Stedman Graham, Also refered as “Oprah’s Man” Gave us a Leadership workshop that I still implement a year later. For the story it was my birthday, and there were no better way to open a new year

Take out: Very interactive moment, people were invited on stage and had 30 seconds to quote the maximum number of things they love.



Having experience in IT and New Techs, meeting Apple Co Founder Steve ‘The Woz” Wozniak was incredible. Time to search in my attic and find my first I-Pod (generation 1) and see how the world changes in just a decade, thanks to tech gurus like The Woz



Shark Tank, Skinny Girl, Bettheny is one of the most talented business woman. Fortune 100 Forbes, she gave us an afternoon of Q&A without restriction and we had so much fun, specially when it comes to fitness. 

Take out: The all event was I think sponsored by Skinny girl Alcohol, which was really good in the evenings, but less great the next mornings



Dr.Phil is so Witty! I loved the contrast between the serious topics and high emotional vibe of his show and his outside interventions. Number 1 audience in day time in US, After the event we went to Hollywood invited to 2 shows recordings, This time I cried. A great idea to see him at work and we got treated very well with goodies.



91 years old, and the energy of a teenager, with the eloquence of a president and the life we can only dream off. The Apprentice, Real Estate Guru, he was the right man of Donald Trump for decades and a key element of his success

Take out: I wish my grand father was like George



Nelson Mandela Grand Son, who I had the pleasure to meet in South Africa for Mega Business, is very active in his country, focused on education and the young generations. He believs in technology and wishes the younger generations to learn coding, computer languages and AI to reshape a brighter future.



World Champion of Poker, Jonathan Little gave me a lot of tips that I implemented straight away in Las Vegas in between 2 client’s visits. Thanks to him I got paid 3 times out of 5 tournaments, Which prooves also he is a great poker coach. Best selling author I learn a lot from his books, and I believe there are so many common points between a good entrepreneur and a good poker player. 

Take out: I am now a gambling addict:)



The Simpsooooon:) Jessica (Who was expecting at the time) doesn t look much like that I thought we would talk about pop songs for an hour… but there is more to meet the eye. She  raised an empire, became a  Billionaire and it seems every thing she does is a success. 

Take out: what comes first… a singer or a Billionaire?



Please Brooke tell us your secret. I see you in an episode of friends shot in the 90’s, I see you in movies, I see you for real 25 years later and you look just the same… there must be a secret:)

Take out: Celebrity keeps you young



Talking about people who never age… The Ice man Vanilla Ice (sometimes called by some : One song man) used this success to raise an empire, with energy and fun. I saw him on many occasions and everytime it’s awesome, a mix of real estate tips and value and a mini concert.

Take out: Ice can also put you on fire



Men men men men men men men men men men… Men men men men men men men men men . Woooo Men men men men men men men men men… 




In february 2017 I met JT Foxx for the first time. I was seduced by the energy, content and disruptive way of coaching so I booked a first retreat, not knowing where I put my foot in. 3 years later the rest is history. The organisation changed my life and I would never be where I am today without him. 

Take out: you deserve your status of #wealth and business coach.



Jacques is one of the most famous psycho-sociologist in France, and also outside of the country as the 75 books he wrote are translated in 24 languages. A model of kindness and an inspiration. Jacques happens to live close by in south of France and it s always a great moment when we see each other. Funny story he always offer books for everyone, and the first time we met, on the 75 books he wrote on various sociologic  topics he chose to give me the one about: Female orgasm and fountain women (L’effet Source) 




I am not saying i am Spiderman, I am just saying that in this business event, Spiderman and me have never been seen together at the same place. 

Yes sometimes it can get crazy, but It s only a Work Hard Play Hard Philosophy, and Spiderman would like to take the opportunity to thank all the wonderful Coaches who helped me through the years: 

Kevin France – Coach D – Reggie Batts – Myron Allis – Cherie Eilertsen – Jeff Fallon – Johann Van Niekerk –  Coach Rose – Les Evans – Brent Turley – Dan Eckelman – 


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